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Wilesco D141


The D141 is a complete steam powered workshop in one. The steam engine is basically the same as a D14, with the addition of a regulator valve and a pressure gauge (in place of the whistle). It is belted up to four tools via a roof mounted line shaft.

The burner is a typical Wilesco style Esbit burner. The boiler is 55mm diameter x 125mm, simple horizontal pot boiler with a standard Wilesco circular sight glass, safety valve, pressure gauge and domeless steam feed pipe.

The engine frame is mounted on the top of the boiler. Steam is fed via a lever type inline regulator directly to the bottom of the steam chest. There is an oiling point on the top of the steam chest. The cylinder is double acting with a cylindrical slide valve, controlled by a slip eccentric for reversing. Bore is 13mm and stroke 16mm. Exhaust is fed to the base of the chimney. The crankshaft is fitted with a 79mm diameter 5 spoke flywheel and a double pulley.

There is a line shaft mounted in three bearings, fitted to girders in the roof. It is driven from the engine crankshaft via a spring drive band. The shaft has 5 pulleys, one for the engine and one for each of the tools. The tools are a circular saw, a twin wheel grinder, a reciprocating hacksaw and a pillar type drilling machine.

The V shaped roof is supported on four decorative pillars. It has a hole for the chimney and also sports a brass plaque with the legend "Wilesco - Werkstatt".

General condition is good. The paintwork is apparently all original and in good condition, with only a couple of minor chips. Some of the steel metalwork has very light surface rust. The only obvious missing part as bought was the drip tray for the base of the chimney (now fixed).

Make Wilesco
Model D141
Made c1980
Description Workshop
Cylinders 1
Cylinder Type double acting reversible
Piston Diam mm 13
Stroke mm 16
Valve Type Slip Eccentric "Piston"
Boiler Type Horizontal
Fuel Tablets
Mechanical Condition Good
Cosmetic Condition Good
Paintwork Original
Purchased Feb 2014
Purchase cost 80
Additional cost