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Made in Germany

Wilhelm Schröder GmbH & Co. KG (Wilesco), founded in 1912 and started making steam engines in 1950. They are currently Germany's leading manufacturer of steam toys.

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Wilesco D2

Wilesco D3

Wilesco D4 (1950)

Wilesco D4 (2016)

Wilesco D5

Wilesco D10el

Wilesco D10/100

Wilesco D11

Wilesco D14

Wilesco D16-el

Wilesco D36 "Old Smoky"

Wilesco D40 Mk1

Wilesco D40 Mk2

Wilesco D45

Wilesco D48

Wilesco D49

Wilesco D52

Wilesco D141

Wilesco D305

Wilesco D310

Wilesco D430