Made in UK

Made in Enfield between 1947 and 1951 by Sydney S Bird & Sons. The name Cyldon was derived from the names of the Maker's sons, Cyril and Donald (I think). Their products were sometimes sold under the brand name Vulcan. There is a possible (but undocumented and disputed) link with the Mersey company. The first 1945 version of the 13/1 is similar to an engine I have seen made by Mersey but never marketed by them. The similarity is so close that, IMHO, the Cyldon must be a copy (authorised or not, I've no idea).

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Cyldon 13/1 (1945)

Cyldon 13/1 (1946)

Cyldon 13/2

Cyldon 13/3

Cyldon 13/4

Cyldon 13/5