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Mamod 1313C Centurion


The Centurion is a development of the TE1 incorporating a double acting piston valve cylinder. This example has been modified by a previous owner by adding tyres and dummy steering chains.

It has a solid fuel tablet burner tray, fitted into the "scuttle" so that the rear end of it's handle can act as a towing hook. The burner sits in the traditional Mamod black and chrome firebox at the rear end of the boiler. Boiler dimensions are 1 3/4" diameter x 6" overall length (including an internal void). It has a water level sight "glass", a safety valve and a spring loaded whistle.

Steam is fed to one end of a brass block which incorporates the regulator and an oil reservoir. From here, the steam enters the piston type valve of a double acting fixed cylinder. The cylinder dimensions are approx 3/8" bore x 1/2" stroke. Exhaust is fed to the base of the chimney. The crankshaft has a disk crank and slip eccentric on one end and a 2 1/2" diameter spoked flywheel incorporating a 3/8" diameter pulley at the other end. The pulley drives one of the rear wheels in the traditional manner.

The engine is in near mint condition, apparently unfired. As acquired, the dummy steering worm had become detached from the firebox. It had originally been fixed by a sticky pad so I have reattached it with screws. Unfortunately, the added tyres on the rear wheels foul the flywheel sometimes, so I shall probably remove them. They are not original. For the sake of originality, I might also remove the dummy steering chains.

Make Mamod
Model 1313C Centurion
Made 2010
Description Traction Engine
Cylinders 1
Cylinder Type double acting reversible
Bore mm 9.5
Stroke mm 12.7
Valve Type Piston
Boiler Type Horizontal
Boiler Diam mm 44
Boiler length/height mm 125
Fuel Tablets
Mechanical Condition Good
Cosmetic Condition Good
Paintwork Original
Packaging Cardboard box
Purchased 18 April 2019
Purchase cost 210
Additional spend