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Founded in 1936 in Birmingham (UK) by Geoffrey Malins. The name Mamod is derived from MAlins MODels. Mamod started life making a range of steam engines for sale under the Hobbies brand. These were to replace the Bowman made models. Mamod then started selling their engines under their own name and are still going strong.

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Mamod Centurion

Mamod FE1

Mamod Harry the Rocket

Mamod LB1

Mamod ME1 (1937)

Mamod ME1 (1958)

Mamod ME2

Mamod ME3

Mamod Minor 1 (1939)

Mamod Minor 1 (1975)

Mamod Minor 2 (1948)

Mamod Minor 2 (1978)

Mamod SC2

Mamod SA1 Steam Roadster

Mamod SE1 Stationary (1937)

Mamod SE1 Stationary (1946)

Mamod SE1 Stationary (1958)

Mamod/Hobbies SE2 Stationary (1936)

Mamod SE2 Stationary (1948)

Mamod SE2 Stationary (1953)

Mamod SE2 Stationary (1954)

Mamod SE2a Stationary

Mamod/Hobbies SE3 stationary (1937)

Mamod SE3 Twin Cylinder Stationary

Mamod SE4 Twin Cylinder Stationary

Mamod Showman's engine

Mamod SL6 Locomotive

Mamod SP1 Overtype Stationary

Mamod SP2 Overtype Stationary

Mamod SP2 (UM&OSF limited edition)

Mamod SP2D Overtype Stationary with dynamo

Mamod SP3 Meccano engine

Mamod SP4 Stationary

Mamod SP5 Twin Cylinder Stationary

Mamod SP5D Twin Cylinder Stationary with dynamo

Mamod SP6 piston valve stationary

Mamod SR1 Steam Road Roller

Mamod SR1a Road Roller (special edition)

Mamod SW1 Steam Wagon

Mamod TE1 Traction Engine

Mamod TE1a Traction Engine

Meccano steam engine