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CK #1


This delightful little engine is minimalism in the extreme. It's a simple oscillating cylinder mounted on the firebox along with the crankshaft and with a base that barely exceeds the firebox in size. It is made mostly of brass, the exceptions being the burner, flywheel and crankshaft. No part of it is painted.

When I acquired this engine, I was led to believe it was an imported Crescent model. However, I was later able to confirm that it has "CK Foreign" stamped almost illegibly on the base so it is, in fact a CK brand.

The galvanised steel meths burner has two wicks and a handle, which doubles, potentially dangerously, as a filler and vent. The boiler - 38mm diameter x 85mm long - has a safety valve and no other fittings. The steam pipe feeds from one end of the boiler to the engine frame, which is a thin brass bar riveted to the side of the firebox.

The single cylinder is a basic single acting oscillating type, 6.8mm bore x 23mm stroke. The crankshaft penetrates through the firebox and has a 36mm diameter lead flywheel on the other end.

Make Model Made Description Cylinders Cylinder Type
CK #1 1930s? Stationary 1 Single acting
Piston Diam mm Stroke mm Valve Type Boiler Type Fuel Mechanical Condition
6.8 23 oscillating cylinder horizontal meths Good
Cosmetic Condition Paintwork Packaging Purchased Purchase cost Additional cost
fair N/A
March 2012 55