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Weeden 903

c 1940's

This is one of Weeden's simpler engines. It is a single cylinder, single acting, oscillating cylinder engine. However, the cylinder itself and it's mounting bracket appear to be designed for double acting use, complete with all the necessary ports. This is probably an example of parts standardisation as I've been informed that the engine always was only single acting.

The Boiler is 2 1/4" diameter x 5 1/8" long with a safety valve, whistle, steam dome and dummy chimney. It is heated electrically, using 115V. The cylinder is approximately 5/16" diameter x 5/8" stroke. The flywheel is 2 5/8" diameter. Both cylinder and flywheel appear to be lead.

The paintwork appears to be original and there is negligible rust on the few steel parts. The steam feed pipe has been replaced at some time. It is copper whereas the original was brass. Also, the boiler fittings are bent over slightly, as if the engine has been dropped at some time in the past.

As acquired, the chimney was missing. I have since fitted one which I believe to be correct, or pretty close. Also, the top part of the whistle was missing so I replaced the whole whistle with one that may or may not be original but is appropriate.

Make Model Made Description Cylinders Cylinder Type
Weeden 903 c1940's Stationary 1 Single acting
Piston Diam mm Stroke mm Valve Type Boiler Type Fuel Mechanical Condition
8 16 Oscillating Cylinder Horizontal 115v electric Fair
Cosmetic Condition Paintwork Packaging Purchased Purchase cost Additional cost
Fair Original
7/9/2006 32.00