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Unidentified Lighthouse (hot air turbine)

c 1920?

I've included this item in my collection, not because it's anything special or even typical, but because it's a vintage example of what I call a hot air turbine. Hot air turbines are one of the oldest examples of heat engine and they are still quite popular mainly, nowadays, as novelties. This one was almost certainly intended as a Christmas decoration.

The light is provided by a candle stub, which also provides the hot air which powers a turbine attached to the rotating top section. The rotating section includes 4 windows with coloured filters.

Make Unknown
Model Lighthouse
Date Made Early 20th C?
Description Hot air turbine
Cylinders N/A
Cylinder Type N/A
Bore mm N/A
Stroke mm N/A
Mechanical Condition Good
Cosmetic Condition Poor
Paintwork Original?
Purchased 24 September 2021
Purchase cost 35
Additional cost