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SEL 1520 'Minor'


The "Minor" was the smallest of SEL's range of stationary engines. It has much in common with the other models (like the gold painted brasswork and the same high quality workmanship) but is much simpler.

It has a single wick burner under a small boiler, 2 5/8" x 1 1/2" dia, which has the absolute minimum of fittings. It has a filler plug shaped like a dummy safety valve. (At one time, I replaced it with a proper one but I have now restored the dummy one for the sake of originality.) It has no level plug or whistle. The "dome" has a short pipe directly to the cylinder bracket, which is mounted directly on the firebox.

The standard SEL cylinder, 1/4" dia x 3/8" stroke, contains the aluminium piston common to most early SEL models. The crankshaft passes through the firebox with a 1 3/4" dia flywheel and pully on the far side.

Like all SEL stationary engines, all brasswork was gold painted originally. This tends to flake after a while and it has been removed from the burner, safety valve, cylinder and crank. It still remains on the boiler and steam pipe. The base is the standard early pressed type in green.

I have a copy of an original "Merit" catalogue containing this engine and the bottom picture on the left is taken from this catalogue.

Make Model Made Description Cylinders Cylinder Type
SEL 1520 Minor c1950s? Stationary 1
Piston Diam mm Stroke mm Valve Type Boiler Type Fuel Mechanical Condition
Single acting 5.5 9.5 Oscillating Cylinder Horizontal Meths
Cosmetic Condition Paintwork Packaging Purchased Purchase cost Additional cost
Good Good Cardboard box with printed sleeve Sep 2005 40.00