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Sachsenmeister unknown model


This is a simple steam engine, bought at auction. As yet, I don't know what model it is other than that it's a Sachsenmeister

The horizontal boiler is 155mm long x 41mm diameter. It is heated by a solid fuel tablet burner. It has a dummy chimney and a whistle. It is fitted with a Wilesco safety valve. There is no water level indication.

The steam feed goes directly to the port face of a single acting oscillating cylinder. The cylinder is 6.5mm bore x 15mm stroke. The crankshaft has a simple crank at one end, a 70mm diameter flywheel in the centre and a 9mm pulley at the other end.

As acquired, it was in pretty poor condition, mechanically and cosmetically. The insert for the safety valve was missing, as was the SV itself. The steam feed pipe was unattached at both ends. The solid fuel burner tray was stuck to it's support, which was broken off from the base. After repairing these obvious faults, it still would not run. On investigation, it was found that the holes in the port face nowhere near lined up with the cylinder. This appears to be the result of a previous repair attempt. I have remade the port face from scratch and it now works well. The bottom photo on the left shows the boiler as acquired.

The paintwork appears to be original and is in reasonable condition in some places. There are many scratches on the base, but this is diecast mazac or aluminium so there is no rust. The paint on the engine mounting bracket was removed during repairs so this will need redoing.

Make Sachsenmeister
Model unknown
Made c1950's
Description Stationary engine
Cylinders 1
Cylinder Type single acting
Piston Diam mm 6.5
Stroke mm 15
Valve Type Oscillating cylinder
Boiler Type Horizontal
Fuel Tablets
Mechanical Condition Good
Cosmetic Condition Poor
Paintwork Original?
Purchased 6/6/2015
Purchase cost 20
Additional cost 5