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This is a simple, sturdily built engine from the Powertoy Company, Windsor, Ontario. The model number is unknown, as is the date of manufacture. It has a vertical boiler and oscillating cylinder.

The vertical pot boiler is made of steel and is enclosed in a steel outer cover, which directs the burner gasses around the side of the boiler and out through the chimney. The boiler is approx 3" diameter x approx 3" tall (access for taking measurements is difficult). It is fitted with a safety valve but no other fittings. The steam feed pipe goes directly to the top of the engine frame, which appears to be mazac. The single acting oscillating cylinder is 1/2" bore x 1/2" stroke. There is no facility for reversing. The cylinder also appears to be mazac or aluminium but the piston is steel. The piston rod connects with a disk crank. The other end of the crankshaft has a 2 3/8" diameter mazac flywheel and a 1/2" diameter pulley. The base is pressed steel.

As acquired, there were several problems with the engine:

Not only was one of the engine frame mounting screws missing, but the hole that it should screw into had never even been drilled! This was an easy fix; drill and tap a new hole.

Because of the above, the whole mass of the engine assembly was held only by the one screw (the steam pipe fitting is only a push fit). In general handling and/or transport, a great deal of stress had been put on that one point on the base, which ended up distorted. This, I have also fixed.

The hole in the cylinder for the trunnion pivot bolt is drilled right through into the bore. The threaded portion of the trunnion bolt was long enough for it to foul the piston if screwed fully home. I have fixed this by filing off about 1mm off the end of the bolt.

The port faces were extremely rough and showed no signs of having been run much atall. I have removed the worst of the roughness with emery cloth but further running in should undoubtedly do it some good.

The flywheel was loose on the crankshaft. I have fixed this with Loctite.

The safety valve was seized solidly in place, so I couldn't fill the boiler or even test the engine on air. I have since managed to free this after several days application of WD40.

The condition of the steel boiler was unknown. There is no obvious way of separating the boiler and it's cover for visual inspection. They appear to be welded together. It appears to fire up with no obvious leaks.

The paintwork on the base is in poor condition and there is surface rust on the metal. What remains of the paint appears to be original.

It came with a paraffin burner which, was almost certainly not original. It had rusted into an unusable and possibly dangerous condition, anyway, so I have discarded it. The video below shows it being steamed using a camping meths burner of about the right size and shape, which I will keep with it until an original burner can be found.

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Description Stationary
Cylinders 1
Cylinder Type single acting
Piston Diam mm 13
Stroke mm 13
Valve Type Oscillating cylinder
Boiler Type Vertical
Fuel Meths
Mechanical Condition good
Cosmetic Condition Poor
Paintwork Original
Purchased 11/4/2015
Purchase cost 51.94
Additional cost