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Josef Falk 483/3


This is one of the simpler examples of Josef Falk's steam engines. It is a traditional single acting oscillating cylinder engine. Unusually for a German engine, the dimensions seem to be imperial, not metric. However, the threads don't appear to be standard BS or BA (or ISO M).

The 2" x 5" diameter horizontal boiler is heated by a 2 wick meths burner. It has a safety valve, whistle (missing) and a tube type sight glass.

The steam is fed directly to the back of the cylinder port face, with no regulator, lubrication or superheating. The single acting oscillating cylinder is 3/8" bore x by 1 1/8" stroke

There is a dummy chimney mounted on the base.

As acquired, the engine was almost complete (apart from the whistle), but was in poor condition. The hole for the whistle had a damaged thread. The safety valve had lost it's spring and it's nut. The trunnion spring was broken and it's nut was seized solid. The steam pipe was bent and split after a couple of runs. The soldered joint at the cylinder end was leaking. The handle on the burner was loose. The sight glass started leaking after the first couple of runs. All of these faults apart from the leaking sight glass have now been fixed, including a new steam pipe. Attempts at fixing the sight glass have so far failed.

Some of the paintwork had been redone rather poorly in the past. There are many rust patches. Some of these had been treated previously and I have now treated the rest. I have repainted the base, engine frame and flywheel.

Make Josef Falk
Model 483/3
Made c 1928
Description Stationary
Cylinders 1
Cylinder Type Single acting
Piston Diam mm 10.5
Stroke mm 27
Valve Type Oscillating cylinder
Boiler Type Horizontal
Fuel Meths
Mechanical Condition good
Cosmetic Condition fair
Paintwork partly repainted
Purchased 6/4/2014
Purchase cost 22.77
Additional cost 5