This one is the oldest I have but don't have a date. It's of French origin with a 15 day movement.

This is modern reproduction of a typical American clock. It has a 15 day movement.

An early-mid 20th C clock with (non-working) chimes; in need of some TLC.

This one was originally a time recorder, probably used for clocking in at a factory. Made by the Gledhill-BrookTime Recorders Ltd - Huddersfield. The recording mechanism has been removed and the space now houses my "shrine" to Fred Dibnah.

This is a fairly modern reproduction - about 1970-ish?

This one is situated above the cooker but, no, it's not actually melted. It's made of metal and glass and is deliberately made to look Dali-esque. Made in Italy by Arti & Mestieri Design.

Another Dali-esque "melting" clock. This one's plastic.

A simple wood face housing a radio controlled movement.

This is a quartz movement "built in" to a kitchen cupboard door.

Another simple quartz movement fitted onto a plate.

Yes, I did build this one into a framed jigsaw puzzle.

... and, yes, this one is a CD.

The face of this one is moulded in metal-filled cold-cast resin, poured into a wax mold carved by yours truly.

Another radio controlled clock.

This is a miniature copy of a clock by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

This was a retirement present. Made by Dartington Crystal.

A modern framed quartz clock depicting steam engines in rural settings.

A nice clock with a twist ;-)

A 24 hour clock.

A 24 hour sun clock showing the (approximate) position of the sun.

A simple cube clock made using a radio controled module in a perspex box.

I don't know what this one's called but it's clever.

A moon & tide clock

Not clocks but pocket watches. Only one is old - the one at the front. Well used; originally owned by my Great Uncle Lolly and engraved with his initials. Prescot is the name on the dial.

Great Uncle Lolly (without his watch, sadly).

... and some wrist watches.