This one is the oldest I have but don't have a date. It's of French origin with a 15 day movement.

This is a modern quartz clock. The face is made of etched glass featuring historic buildings in Lambourn.

This is modern reproduction of a typical American clock. It has a 15 day movement.

This one was originally a time recorder, probably used for clocking in at a factory. Made by the Gledhill-BrookTime Recorders Ltd - Huddersfield. The recording mechanism has been removed and the space now houses my "shrine" to Fred Dibnah.

This is a fairly modern reproduction - about 1970-ish?

This one is situated above the cooker but, no, it's not actually melted. It's made of metal and glass and is deliberately made to look Dali-esque. Made in Italy by Arti & Mestieri Design.

Another Dali-esque "melting" clock. This one's plastic.

A simple wood face housing a radio controlled movement.

This is a quartz movement "built in" to a kitchen cupboard door.

Another cheap novelty spiral clock.

Another simple quartz movement fitted onto a plate.

Yes, I did build this one into a framed jigsaw puzzle.

... and, yes, this one is a CD.

The face of this one is moulded in metal-filled cold-cast resin, poured into a wax mold carved by yours truly.

Another radio controlled clock.

I don't know what this one's called but it's clever.

This was a retirement present. Made by Dartington Crystal.

This is a miniature copy of a clock by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

A modern framed quartz clock depicting steam engines in rural settings.

An early-mid 20th C clock with (non-working) chimes; in need of some TLC.

A 24 hour clock.

A 24 hour sun clock showing the (approximate) position of the sun.

Not clocks but pocket watches. Only one is old - the one at the front. Well used; originally owned by my Great Uncle Lolly and engraved with his initials. Prescot is the name on the dial.

Great Uncle Lolly.

... and some wrist watches.