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Bing 130/466 stationary engine


This engine is one of the larger ones in my collection. The boiler is 185mm long by 70mm diameter, the base is 350 x 320mm and the top of the chimney is 480 mm high.

The boiler is fitted with both a glass water gauge and a try-cock; unusual in a toy engine. The safety valve is a weighted lever type which would probably not be allowed on a modern toy engine. The steam feed pipe goes from a boiler mounted throttle to the top of the cylinder valve chest, with an in-line lubricator. As acquired, the pipe was lagged but this was almost certainly not original and I have removed the lagging. (The lagging was asbestos and not considered safe nowadays, anyway.)

I don't know the dimensions of the cylinder because it's not easily dismantleable, but it's stroke is 20mm. The cylinder is double acting with a slide valve controlled by a slip eccentric. The valve is an interesting design with shaped grooves cut into the sliding part, aligning with simple ports on the cylinder block.

The base is a substantial affair with a printed tile-effect finish. There is a bottom plate covering all the mounting screws etc.

As acquired, the boiler was corroded in places and had a bodged repair to one end. It still has a few small dents in it. The whistle was jammed solid but that freed fairly easily with vinegar. I have repainted everything except the base, which I have left in it's as-acquired condition. The original burner and firebox door are missing and the oiler cap is not original. I have replaced these with appropriate but not original parts. If anybody knows of a source for original replacements, I'd appreciate the info. The bottom photo on the left shows the engine in as acquired condition.

In general, this is a well built engine and was probably fairly expensive in it's day.

Make Model Made Description Cylinders Cylinder Type
Bing 130/466 c1915 Stationary 1 Double acting reversible
Piston Diameter mm Stroke mm Valve Type Boiler Type Fuel Mechanical Condition
? 20 Slip Eccentric Slide Horizontal Meths Good
Cosmetic Condition Paintwork Packaging Purchased Purchase cost Additional cost
Good partially restored
30/11/2005 88.00