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Wilesco D49

1994 to 2010

The D49 is one of three Wilesco marine engines (that I know of) and is the rarest of the three. Like the other two models, it is supplied in two parts, boiler and engine, which can be installed into a boat hull in a variety of configurations.

It has a vertical brass boiler with a single flue, 65mm diameter x 100mm high. It has a tablet burner, which can be inserted from either side, so as to improve the flexibility of configurations. Fittings are a safety valve, spring lever type whistle, fancy capped chimney and a steam feed pipe. The engine is supplied with a selection of short lengths of brass piping with connector pieces.

The engine unit is twin cylinder V configuration with the cylinders at 90 degrees. Steam is fed via a reversing valve, which is designed to be servo controllable. The cylinders are double acting piston valved, approx 11mm bore x 16mm stroke. Each cylinder has it's own oiling point. The con-rods are connected to a common crank on the crankshaft, which has a 50mm 5 spoked flywheel and a twin pulley in the middle and a protruding shaft for coupling to the prop shaft.

The engine is in used but generally good cosmetic condition. It runs well on air but poorly on steam. This is still to be investigated. I have mounted it on a plywood base.

Make Wilesco
Model D49
Date Made ?
Description V twin marine engine
Cylinders 2
Cylinder Type Double acting reversible
Bore mm 11
Stroke mm 16
Valve Type Piston
Boiler Type Vertical with single flue
Boiler Diam mm 65
Boiler length/height mm 100
Fuel Tablets
Mechanical Condition Poor
Cosmetic Condition Good
Paintwork Original
Packaging Cardboard box
Purchased 13 March 2021
Purchase cost 275
Additional spend