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Weeden 643

c 1930

A quite rare (outside the US, anyway) Weeden portable steam engine.

The brass boiler is 8 1/4" long x 2 3/8" diameter, heated by a 2 wick meths burner. I believe the burner is an earlier version than the rest of the engine and so may not be the original. It was replaced by a simliar 3 wick version. There is a safety valve and whistle.

In typical portable engine configuration, the crank shaft is mounted on the chimney end of the boiler, over the front axle. Steam is fed directly from the top of the boiler to the top of the steam chest. The single cylinder is a double acting piston valved type, approx 3/8" bore x 3/4" stroke, with slip-eccentric reversing. Exhaust is fed to the chimney base. There is a small chain sprocket on the end of the crankshaft and a large one attached to one of the rear wheels.

Overall, the engine appears to be in reasonably good condition for it's age, except that it has been rather carelessly repainted at some time. The large chain sprocket appears to non-original. At the time of writing, I have not tested it so I don't know what the mechanical condition is.

Make Weeden
Model 643
Date Made c1930
Description Portable steam engine
Cylinders 1
Cylinder Type Double acting (reversible)
Bore mm 8.5
Stroke mm 19
Valve Type Piston
Boiler Type Horizontal
Boiler Diam mm 60mm
Boiler lengthmm 210
Fuel Meths
Mechanical Condition ?
Cosmetic Condition Fair
Paintwork Repainted
Purchased 29 July 2021
Purchase cost 279.99
Additional spend