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Ugears Pneumatic Engine


This is an engine powered by compressed air. It's made of wood and so can't be powered by steam. It came as a flat-pack kit of mainly laser cut plywood parts. It is held together partly with tooth picks and partly using a slot together technique. Tooth picks also form the shafts and rods.

The cylinder is a double acting fixed cylinder with a piston valve. It is 11mm bore x 11mm stroke. The valve linkage incorporates a bell crank which is operated directly by the main crank.

Make Ugears
Model Pneumatic Engine
Made 2016
Description Pneumatic Engine
Cylinders 1
Cylinder Type double acting
Piston Diam mm 11
Stroke mm 11
Valve Type piston
Boiler Type N/A
Fuel N/A
Mechanical Condition Good
Cosmetic Condition Good
Paintwork N/A
Purchased 3/11/2016
Purchase cost 14.99
Additional spend