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Tucher & Walther T454 "Vulcan"


This Tucher & Walther pop-pop boat is not in perfect condition, but any Tucher & Walther is better than no Tucher & Walther! T&W made four similar pop-pop boats: Vulcan, African Queen, Alte Liebe and Hamburg. I believe they differed only in minor cosmetic details.

It is rather large by normal pop-pop boat standards - 330mm long; not quite as long as the Rattandeep Titanic, but much wider and taller. Even so, it is powered by a simple coil type boiler, typical of much smaller boats. I suspect it might be a bit under powered but, at the time of writing, I have no plans to prove it either way.

It is fueled by a standard small Wilesco tablet burner, which appears to be original.

The boat is generally in very good condition. It looks as if there is a flag and/or a mast missing. The stand it came to me with is not original. The boat appears to be unused and I have no plans to test it for the time being.

Make Tucher & Walther
Model T454 "Vulcan"
Date Made 2004
Description Pop-pop boat
Cylinders 0
Cylinder Type
Bore mm
Stroke mm
Valve Type
Boiler Type Coil
Boiler Diam mm
Boiler length/height mm
Fuel Tablets
Mechanical Condition ?
Cosmetic Condition Good
Paintwork Original
Packaging Cardboard box
Purchased 24 September 2020
Purchase cost 295
Additional spend