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Silver Streak (unknown maker)


The maker of this wonderful pop-pop boat is unknown, which is a pity. It was advertised in 1946 with the sole distributor being stated as being Eisenmann & Co Ltd. but the maker is not identified.

Most of the boat is made of aluminium, which was available cheaply just after WW2. It has a diaphragm type boiler, which appears to be made of brass. Unusually, it has only one tube leading to the stern, but this is quite large diameter compared with most pop-pop boats. The instructions on the box don't mention pre-filling the tube with water as is usual with pop-pop boats.

Make Unknown
Model Silver Streak
Made 1946
Description Pop-pop boat
Cylinders N/A
Cylinder Type N/A
Bore mm N/A
Stroke mm N/A
Valve Type N/A
Boiler Type Diaphragm
Boiler Diam mm
Boiler length/height mm
Fuel Sterno/candle
Mechanical Condition Good
Cosmetic Condition Fair
Paintwork N/A
Packaging Cardboard box
Purchased 22 March 2020
Purchase cost 52
Additional spend