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Schoenner Lipsia

c 1897

The Lipsia model steam engine was made by Schoenner, Marklin and Ernst Plank. They were closely similar and it wasn't a coincidence. They appear to have been made exclusively for Leipziger Lehrmittel-Anstalt, a dealership in Leipzig, so the design was probably specified by them.

The boiler is 187mm long x 68mm diameter, heated by a large 3 wick meths burner. It has a large steam dome, on which is mounted a weighted safety valve. It has a whistle and drain cock. There is a water feed pump, operated by a crank on the main crankshaft and feeding via a simple cock on the boiler. There is a dummy chimney mounted at the end of the firebox.

Steam is fed via a regulator to the top of the "piston" type steam valve on the double acting cylinder. The steam valve is operated by a fixed eccentric on the crankshaft and there is no reversing mechanism. The cylinder is approx 18mm bore x 18mm stroke and is connected to a simple crank on the crankshaft, with no crosshead. There is a large (135mm diameter) spoked flywheel in the centre of the crankshaft. At the far end there is a 17mm diameter pulley and a crank for operating the feed pump.

The whole is mounted in a steel plate, supported by a wooden base frame, with an impressive name plate. There is no indication of maker's name, which has been identified by design details.

As acquired, the boiler had evidently been boiled dry at some time and there was a serious leak at one end cap. This has been resoldered. The safety valve had a non-standard weight fitted, which was far too heavy. The valve plunger was also broken. Both these problems have been fixed with new parts made by a forum friend. The water level sight glass is missing and the holes blanked off with solder. I hope to repair this at some time when I can source a replacement.

Make Schoenner
Model Lipsia
Made c 1897
Description Stationary
Cylinders 1
Cylinder Type double acting
Bore mm 18
Stroke mm 18
Valve Type Piston
Boiler Type Horizontal
Boiler Diam mm 68
Boiler length/height mm 187
Fuel Meths
Mechanical Condition Good
Cosmetic Condition Poor
Paintwork Original but mostly missing
Purchased 12/12/2018
Purchase cost 251.36
Additional spend