REW Home builds, Conversions and Modifications

Made in UK

These are my own creations. They are all one-off toys made from parts from other makers' engines (mostly second hand), supplemented with Meccano and other parts and some simple scratch building.

REW/Mamod "SE3C" 3 Cylinder Stationary

REW Sectioned Wilesco D16 engine unit

REW Sectioned Mamod SE3

REW/Mamod Steam Dray

REW Aveling & Porter lookalike

REW Stanley Style Charabanc

REW Hamburper pop-pop boat

REW Early style steam car

REW pop-pop raft

REW SP3A Meccano engine

REW Mann style steam roller

REW Red Devil 4WD traction engine

REW Heracles steam crane

REW / Kenneth Wells pop-pop boat