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Owen 2-b


The Owen 2-b is a twin cylinder stationary engine; obviously inspired by the Mamod SE3 but with a flat base and other minor differences and using heavier materials. It is serial number 132.

It has two single acting oscillating cylinders. A pulley is mounted on the crankshaft adjacent to the flywheel. The engine has no reversing lever but it does have a throttle valve mounted on the top of the boiler. Also on the boiler are a safety valve and a whistle. The chimney, also mounted on the boiler, has the exhaust steam fed to it, via a pair of pipes from the cylinders, but not the burner exhaust. The burner is a perforated plate type spirit burner. The steam feed pipe passes under the boiler through the flame to provide a degree of superheating. The horizontal brass boiler rests on the firebox, held in place by a U shaped wire strap.

The boiler dimensions are 2" diam. x 6" long and the cylinders 5/16" bore x 3/4" stroke. The pistons have oil retention grooves and the port faces have felt inserts to help keep them lubricated.

The Base is flat with Meccano-standard holes around the corners. It sits on plastic feet, one in each corner hole.

The engine was in new unused condition when acquired.

Make Owen
Model 2-b
Made 2015
Description Twin cylinder stationary
Cylinders 2
Cylinder Type single acting
Piston Diam mm 8
Stroke mm 16
Valve Type oscillating cylinder
Boiler Type horizontal
Fuel meths
Mechanical Condition good
Cosmetic Condition good
Paintwork original
Packaging cardboard box
Purchased 3/10/2015
Purchase cost 195
Additional cost