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M27 with boiler


This is a standard M27 mounted with a prototype boiler. This prototype boiler has an aluminium shroud, whereas the production models use brass.

The boiler is approx 29mm diameter x 51mm long. It is fitted with a Wilesco safety valve. It is heated by a tablet burner with the hot gasses passing through a single flue to the chimney. The firebox wraps round to enclose the boiler. Steam is fed through the burner flame, for a nominal superheat, to a rotary valve built into the main bearing.

The cylinder is approx 7.5mm bore x 7.5mm stroke. It is a single acting fixed cylinder. The con rod is connected to a gudgeon pin inside the piston. The flywheel is 18mm diameter x 12mm thick.

Engine and boiler are mounted on a brass base in an in-line configuration, similar to a marine engine, although there is no provision for driving a prop shaft.

As acquired, the firebox was in dirty condition but the rest was in good clean condition. I have since cleaned up the firebox.

Make Microcosm
Model M27 & boiler
Made 2016
Description stationary
Cylinders 1
Cylinder Type single acting fixed
Piston Diam mm 7.5
Stroke mm 7.5
Valve Type rotary
Boiler Type Horizontal single flue
Fuel Tablets
Mechanical Condition good
Cosmetic Condition Good
Paintwork N/A
Purchased 26/4/2016
Purchase cost 56
Additional cost