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Marklin 4099/01


This is a rather interesting engine in that it is convertible between horizontal and vertical configurations. The vertical configuration can be with or without the fixed base. It was designed to go with the Marklin equivalent of Meccano in a similar way to the Mamod MEC1, but even more versatile. It can be incorporated into a Marklin/Meccano model in either configuration without the base.

The boiler can be mounted either horizontally or vertically by using a rather clever firebox & boiler arrangement which directs the heat from the burner either directly up the centre flue or turns it 90 degrees along the same flue. The chimney can also be mounted either way as required, with a blanking plug over the unused port. The flue is fitted with cross tubes to improve heat transfer.

The boiler is a Marklin size 5, i.e. 5cm diameter. Actually, it's nearer 2" diameter x 5" long. (Unusually for a German engine, dimensions are in imperial units, not metric. This is presumably to make things compatible with the Meccano standard.) However, the last 2" of the length at the firebox end is somewhat reduced in volume due to the dual purpose flue arrangement. This means that it is effectively only about 4" long. The burner and firebox parts have many holes at 1/2" centres for fitting Marklin/Meccano pieces. It has a meths burner with a mushroom style vapouriser.

The safety valve, whistle and steam feed pipe are all crowded together at one end of the boiler so that they are always above water level in either configuration. The water level try cock is at the mid-way point in both configurations.

The engine itself is a single acting fixed cylinder with slip eccentric reversing. The cylinder is approx 3/8" bore x 1/2" stroke. The steam chest has an oiler, which can only be filled with the boiler horizontal!

The crankshaft is fitted with a flywheel which is just over 2" diameter (54mm). The speed is geared down by about 2.7:1 and the output shaft has a small pulley on the end. The output shaft appears to be Meccano standard size.

As acquired, the engine appeared to be mostly complete. The only obvious missing part was the mushroom head for the burner. There is some dodgy looking soldering around the burner end of the boiler so, I suspect, it has probably been run dry at some point. Unfortunately, because of the design, the engine cannot be used with any other burner, so I have had a replacement head made by a friend.

Make Marklin
Model 4099/01
Made 1921-1929
Description Convertible Meccano engine
Cylinders 1
Cylinder Type single acting reversible
Piston Diam mm 9.5
Stroke mm 12.5
Valve Type slip eccentric piston
Boiler Type convertible with single flue and cross tubes
Fuel Meths
Mechanical Condition Fair
Cosmetic Condition Fair
Paintwork Original?
Purchased 5/4/2016
Purchase cost 160.13
Additional cost 15.00