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GPM (VEB Geräte und Pumpenbau, Merbelsrod) D1,5

Ser. No. 1229 c1980?

GPM (VEB Geräte und Pumpenbau, Merbelsrod) is an East German company who's main line of business is (I believe) car parts and/or pumping equipment. That's about the limit of my knowledge of this company so I don't even know if this is their only steam toy. It is similar, in many respects, to Wilesco in look and feel and, no doubt, that was a source of inspiration when they were at the design stage.

It's a solid looking engine, let down by the use of steel in the boiler and other water-side parts, and plastic in some small parts like the pulley, throttle knob and burner handle. The boiler is 58mm diameter by approx 155mm long (including a domed end and the Wilesco style circular sight glass). It appears to be cast in one piece (apart from the fittings), though this could be an illusion. The burner is a solid fuel tablet type, almost a direct copy of Wilesco practice, even including the adjustable air holes. The combined safety valve / whistle, pressure gauge and water sight glass are also similar to Wilesco's.

Steam is fed from the top of the boiler via a needle valve throttle to the cylinder. It has a double-acting cylinder, 14mm bore x 16mm stroke, utilising a "piston" valve driven off a slip eccentric for reversible running, all similar to Wilesco. There is a lubrication point in the top of the valve chest. Exhaust is fed through a short pipe to a drip tray, unfortunately missing in this case.

Con-rod and valve linkage are, also, almost a direct copy of Wilesco. The crankshaft has a generous 81mm diameter flywheel and a small pulley. The chimney is purely decorative; not even the steam exhaust goes up it.

This engine was in almost mint condition when acquired and I don't think it had ever been fired prior to my purchase (it has now!). It runs very well and turns over at a very low 0.1 bar on the gauge. Considering that the gauge is marked up to 2.5 bar and has a red line at 1.5 bar, this is admirable.

Make Model Made Description Cylinders Cylinder Type
GPM (VEB Geräte und Pumpenbau, Merbelsrod) D1,5 c1980? Stationary 1 Double acting reversible
Piston Diam mm Stroke mm Valve Type Boiler Type Fuel Mechanical Condition
Slip Eccentric Piston Horizontal Tablets Good
Cosmetic Condition Paintwork Packaging Purchased Purchase cost Additional cost
Good Original Cardboard box 20 Feb 2010 £110.00