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David Auld SE3

Late 1990s

A smart little engine made in New Zealand. Many of this model were made in several colours. This example has the red boiler which, I'm told, is rare. Only 50 were made in this colour.

The vertical boiler is 30mm high x 40mm diameter, with a single central flue. It is heated by a small vapourising meths burner. It has no safety valve but has a plain brass filler plug and no water level indication. The steam feed pipe exits the bottom of the boiler inside the firebox. It does not, however, pass through the flame. It exits the firebox and goes directly to the end of the port face block.

The single acting oscillating cylinder is a rectangular brass block. It is 4.75mm bore x 12mm stroke. There is no piston as such. The steam acts on the end of the 4.75mm diameter con rod. The other end of the rod has a hole drilled to take the crank pin, which is attached to a small disk crank. The crank shaft passes through a long tube bearing to a 28mm diameter x 11mm thick plain brass flywheel. There is no PTO pulley fitted but the shaft protrudes by a few mm so a small pulley could be mounted. There is a drip tray fitted under the cylinder, but the exhaust exits on the other side of the port face, away from the drip tray.

As acquired, the engine was in new, unfired condition, but it is no longer unfired.

Make David Auld
Model SE3
Made Late 1990s
Description Stationary
Cylinders 1
Cylinder Type single acting
Piston Diam mm 4.75
Stroke mm 12
Valve Type Oscillating cylinder
Boiler Type Vertical with single flue
Fuel meths
Mechanical Condition Good
Cosmetic Condition Good
Paintwork Original
Purchased 21/10/2016
Purchase cost 97
Additional spend